1 - day course
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Course Code: S1M31en
Who should attend?
This course is intended for new Microsoft Excel desktop users.
Windows 10, Windows 11, or equivalent
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
  • Understand spreadsheet concepts, and the difference between various Excel versions, as well as create, save, open, close and move around in an Excel workbook.
  • Organize columns and rows to accommodate information and edit the contents of cells to organize the information in your worksheet.
  • Calculate values by entering formulas into cells and specify an exact address of a cell by creating an absolute cell reference, create formulas by typing functions or build more complex formulas using the Insert Function dialog box.
  • Format worksheets and use view features to more effectively review large worksheets.
  • Use views to determine the layout of a worksheet, change the page setup, and preview/print workbooks.
Course Content  
    Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
    Understanding Spreadsheet Concepts ; Understanding Different Excel Versions ; Getting Started ; Creating and Saving Workbooks ; Opening and Closing Workbooks ;
    Modifying Worksheets
    Working with Columns and Rows ; Working with Cell Contents ;
    Using Formulas and Functions
    Creating and Using Formulas ; Creating and Using Functions ; Using Absolute Cell References ; Inserting Functions ;
    Formatting and Viewing Worksheets
    Formatting Worksheets ; Viewing Worksheets ;
    Printing Workbooks
    Using Workbook Views ; Changing the Page Setup ; Previewing and Printing Workbooks ;