1 - day course
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Course Code: O1101en
Who should attend?
This course is intended for new Windows 10 users.
Basic microcomputer concepts as well as keyboard and mouse operations would be an asset.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
  • Recognize the basic user interface features of Windows 10, launch and close programs, manage windows, and obtain Help.
  • Use the tools necessary to manage files and folders, including the Desktop, folder windows, views, and search features.
  • Use networking features available in Windows 10.
  • Print documents, open and manage print queues from the Desktop working environment.
  • Customize the Windows 10 Desktop and working environment.
Course Content  
    The Basics
    Getting Started ; Start Menu ; Windows 10 Desktop ; Window Components ; Managing Multiple Windows ; Getting Help ;
    Working with Files and Folders
    Concepts ; File Explorer Window Components ; Libraries ; File List Viewing Options ; Searching for Files and Folders ; Selecting Folder Items ; File and Folder Management ; Recycle Bin ; Removable Storage ;
    Managing Connectivity
    Accessing a Local Network ; Using Public Folders ; Sharing Files and Folders ; Mapped Drives ;
    Printing from Windows 10
    Overview ; Adding a Local Printer ; Managing Print Jobs ; Network Printing ;
    Customizing Microsoft Windows 10
    Personalization ; Shortcuts ; Taskbar ; Control Panel and the Settings App ;