1 - day course
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Course Code: B164en
Who should attend?
This course is intended for Microsoft Office 2016 users transitioning from Microsoft Office 2010.
Experience with Microsoft Office 2010
Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:
  • Understand and use new and improved features that are shared across various Microsoft Office applications including the updated user interface, as well as connecting to online storage services and sharing Office documents, using Reading Resume, and toggling between the mouse and touch modes
  • Understand and use new and improved features of Word including using the Read Mode, Converting PDF files to Word format, collapsing and expanding headings in long documents, aligning objects using Alignment Guides, and inserting online videos and pictures.
  • Understand and use new and improved features of Excel including multiple workbook windows, using Flash Fill, using the Quick Analysis Tool, using Recommended Charts, using the Combo Chart button, using improved Chart Data Labels, using Recommended PivotTables, creating independent PivotCharts, and filtering table data and PivotTables with Slicers.
  • Understand and use new and improved features of PowerPoint including widescreen support, Theme Variants, merging shapes, using the Eyedropper tool, using Smart Guides, using Master Level Guides, as well as showing and using the new features of Presenter View.
  • Understand and use new and improved features of Outlook including the Navigation Bar, Message Preview, filtering unread messages, replying and forwarding messages from the Reading Pane, and Peek Views.
  • Understand and use new and improved features of OneNote including exporting notebook data, improved tables, inserting online video, converting tables to worksheets, and inserting Excel and Visio data.
Course Content  
    Microsoft Office New Features
    User Interface Updates ; Online Storage and Sharing Office Documents ; Reading Resume ; Using Touch/Mouse Modes ;
    Microsoft Word New Features
    Using Read Mode ; Converting Portable Document Format Files to Word ; Collapsing and Expanding Headings ; Using Alignment Guides ; Inserting Online Videos ; Inserting Online Pictures ;
    Microsoft Excel New Features
    Understanding Multiple Workbook Windows ; Using Flash Fill ; Using the Quick Analysis Tool ; Using One-Click Forecasting ; Charting Improvements ; Using PivotTables and PivotCharts Improvements ; Filtering Table Data and PivotTables with Slicers ;
    Microsoft PowerPoint New Features
    Understanding Widescreen Support ; Using Theme Variants ; Merging Shapes ; Using the Eyedropper Tool ; Using Smart Guides ; Using Master Level Guides ; Exploring Presenter View ;
    Microsoft Outlook New Features
    Exploring the Navigation Bar ; Viewing Messages ; Replying and Forwarding E-mail Using the Reading Pane ; Using Peek Views ;
    Microsoft OneNote New Features
    Exporting Notebook Data ; Using Improved Tables ; Inserting Online Videos ; Converting OneNote Tables to Excel Worksheets ; Inserting Excel Workbooks, Worksheets, Charts, and Tables ; Inserting Visio Drawings ; Inserting Excel and Visio Data ;